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what we do, and why it remains the same

We are a team of project managers, developers, designers and event planning specialists with over 20 years of experience in organising events through our offline brand LifestyleDMC. Our clients rely on us to come up with creative and fun ways for them to hold their meetings, this is our passion!

...The how has changed

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us the opportunity to move many of our meetings to digital. Our clients are enjoying some fantastic success. Many are now structuring their meetings around a hybrid solution for the future. We invite you to share your ideas for your events with us so we can help you make them memorable and impactful. 



Co-founder of LifestyleDMC, a long-standing event company in Spain. Raquel has an eye for detail and precision planning. From a 2-hour webinar to 5-day virtual road show.

Raquel Consul

Co-founder of LifestyleDMC and long-standing event company in Spain. Tony pioneered the pivot into the digital meeting space with a clear inspiring vision.

Tony Anagor

Marketing specialist with over 20 years experience of managing teams remotely. Zsuzsanna drives the team to perfection with her focus on identifying the customer needs.

Zsuzsanna ferenczi

20+ years in digital. Partner with Google Ads, Microsoft, Mailchimp & more. Tim understands the tech specs of your event. With Tim, techie miracles are delivered daily! 

Tim Woolfson

Senior international event designer. Anna is one of the main architects of our digital meetings platform. Her creative flair and eye for details is always an asset.

Anna Julià Marquès


International event designer. Ilaria enjoys taking your ideas and breathing life into them using her unique creative ability and negotiation skills to create wow events. 

Ilaria Cittadini

International event designer. Emilie has always enjoyed the world of events and used this skill to help build our digital events platform. Logistics is her thing!

Emilie Jarlot

Web design expert, Onu has 20 years’ experience in print and digital design. Having worked on public sector and private sector projects alike.

Onu Igbokwe